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As registered by World Health Organization (WHO) there is a very high level of PM2.5 pollutants in the air which means, we are breathing about 25 times more toxic air which perhaps is adversely affecting our life span. Do we realize that we are not breathing clean air even when indoors? Little we can do to prevent ourselves from various health hazards, howeverthe good news is, Nanoclean Global Private Limited, National Award- WinningCompany which provides preventive measures for polluted air has launched various products that can curb the polluted air to enter your house and make itbacteria-free. With the help of our highly qualified team (IIT, Delhi graduates) and their consistent research at an extensive level, we have innovated the most promising and efficient products for air filtration that are made of high-grade quality at a cost-effective price. We are striving hardto provide our clients extremely fine indoor air quality that not only involves oxygen replenishment but also eliminates odour, dust, airborne bacteria and harmful gases from the interior of your home. It’s high time not to get yourself insured with our products. After all,the best investment a person ever makes is to invest for his good health.

About our products



  • Protection against PM 2.5, repel dust and pollen particles
  • Porous and ensures visibility
  • High airflow and safe air ventilation
  • UV protection
  • High durability at low cost
  • Water-resistant
  • Combat rough weather and rain
  • Made with eco-friendly material

Frame-work and Application

Keeping a note of deteriorating air quality, the most common issue we are facing today is that we are unable to keep doors and windows of our houses open. Our diligent team with their consistent hard-work has innovated India’s FirstNanofibre based, high- performance Nanofilter Pollution Net. This mesh is designed to trap large airborne particulates flowing through the air into your house. An incredible substitute for the conventional mosquito mesh that you have been using for ages, this mesh promises to keep your home ventilated while making it free of harmful PM2.5 and 10 particles. The hassle-free design helps to fit mesh inside or above the existing window frame without much effort. Easy to clean and lasts up to 5 years without much maintenance while enjoying the natural breeze without fretting over allergens and bacteria.



  • 90% room purification within an hour
  • Converts existing ACs into Air Purifiers
  • Compatible with both Window & Split AC
  • Overall protection from harmful PM 2.5, dust, bacteria and smoke
  • Traps harmful particleswhile releasing clean air
  • No recurrent electricity cost and do not hamper cooling
  • Seamless application

Frame-work and Application

When you have an AC at home then why to invest extra in an Air Purifiers? Nanoclean AC Filter is an economical yet smartsolution to convert your existing Air Conditioner, whether split or window to an Air Purifier at no recurrent electricity cost and without interfering with the cooling of your AC. Nanotechnology used while manufacturing these filtersenables 90% purification of air of your room in just an hour. Our efficient AC filters help to trap dust, dirt, smoke and pollutants from the air of your room; hence, keeping it germ-free. While keeping convenience in mind our team has designed the mesh in such a way that you justhave tosimply remove the plastic mesh sheet from your AC and stick the filter at the center of the mesh leaving gaps in the corner for the air to flow. Also, changing filters once every month would maintain consistent air quality. Your health is our priority and we promise optimum enhancement of air quality present in the room so that you breathe clean and stay healthy.